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If you have any enquires, comments or feedbacks about our classes coming up or about SoulDancers, you can contact via email or phone. We'll try to give you a satisfactory reply as soon as possible.

Our email is: o-dori@hotmail.com
or you can email to Philip: sphilipg@hotmail.com

You can also call to ask.
Our Contact number: (65)98784272 ; (65)97363438 ; (65)97595454
Either phone number would be fine.

Those interested are welcomed to join SoulDancers anytime. We welcome anyone who has the passion for dancing.


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We're a group doing all kinds of dance but incoporated with line dancing to make it easier. Line Dancing is no longer just by itself but also combined with the feeling of hip-hop, ballet, jazz, pop and many more. The dancers gathered have their different purpose such as to make dancing a pastime or some simply would like to make dancing a career. However, all have gathered together, to dance, and to give each other their support. We have non-dancers helping out with DJ, makeups and costume styling too.



Sobrielo Philip Gene (Dance Instructor/Choreographer)
Yang Weicheng (Dance Assistant)
Kong Wei Wei (Dance Promoter)
Dolly Tay (WebMaster/Communicator)
Marcus (Photographer)
Yao Qi Jun (Videoman)
Seah Sheng Kiat (Stepsheet Writer)
Chew Jiao Hui Jace (Music Mixer)
Liew Yuxin Jane (Treasurer)
Ang Wei Hong
Ang Yue Li
Jamie Nicolette Kellie-Marie Morales
Kong Jian Hao
Lee Rong Jie
Rachel Seah Ming Ming
Adding on...


Philip Gene Sobrielo, now 26, grew up in Singapore, in a family where Line Dancing is a way of life. At age of 5, Philip started picking up dances from his aunt. Philip enjoyed it and picking up the steps was second nature to him.
In 1998, Philip was so into line dancing and Micheal Jackson, that his mum(a line dance instructor) suggested that he should work on combining his new found MJ moves to some of the then current line dances. He tried and IT WORKED!!!
He loved it and was hooked to it. He started taking classes from his mum on a regular basis and started improvising Line Dance slowly. Philip has always wanted to work with kids and to reach out to teenagers who needed a Big Bro to help along the way and realized that this was probably going to be his chance to do so through DANCE!
In 1999, Philip started sharing his passion and taught small groups. Soon, he found himself taking his dance to a higher level and started to build a career out of it. He also was given the opportunity to teach at schools and to women and kids from all around Singapore.
Hit by the choreography bug, he started and to date, he has choreographed as many as 28 dances like Do Something, Rumors Again, 1 2 Step, Infatuation, Every time I fly, Dance All Nite, Baby Boy, Come on Over Baby, Keep Quiet & Spice it Up, to name a few.
He has helped opened doors to the younger generation, allowing them a place & time to express themselves through music and dance that the can relate to, like Hip Hop, Pop, Techno & Latin grooves.


-Philip obtained his Dance Instructor certification in 2003, endorsed by imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTO.UK)

-Won 2nd Place in UCWDC competition Renegade Division
-4th place choreography in UCWDC competition advance division

-1st place in Vegas Explosion for choreography advance division
-was asked to judge and teach for an event in Australia held by Dare2dance and Redhot and Country
-was asked to instruct for an event in Hong Kong for Dance Fantasia

-a judge and instructor for an event in Australia by Dare2dance
-an adjudicator for 2nd Malaysia Open line dance and Hip Hop Championship
-asked to teach in Taipei for Dance Fantasia
-taught in Vegas for Vegas Explosion
-in HIC to do a workshop organized by U6 Dance Studio


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